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Can alcohol help in decision making?

What! I hear you say, is that a serious question?  Well I overheard someone making a claim for the benefits of alcohol in decision making and whilst I don’t make a habit of listening in to people on trains this caught my attention.  I thought it would make a good blog post (or if it doesn’t tell us all below in the comments!) so how did the argument go…

Firstly, it should be said, the person I was listening to was referring only to short term benefits and in no way was making a point about any long term benefits to decision making through regular drinking.  I think we all know the folly of that but his argument was basically along the lines of, “I get drunk, I make good decisions.”  He justified the argument with the following points…

  • Alcohol lubricates the brain allowing my thoughts to flow more freely
  • I can connect with my inner subconscious and be more true to myself
  • I can access parts of my brain that I can’t when sober

Hmm, some pretty dodgy thought processes going on there!  Maybe he was drunk at the time!  Isn’t it just a sad selfish fact that when we get drunk we are less worried about the consequences of our actions?  Drink equals stupid decisions.

One final thought, if drinking is great for making decisions as this guy maintained then why do we have to spend so much time the following morning explaining and apologising for the actions we took the night before!  Clearly the guy on the train was an idiot don’t you think?  Oh, and he was about 38 by the way so should know better.

Have you ever made a good decision whilst drunk?  Tell us in the comments below.



drinking really isn’t all that good for decision-making unless you have a small glass of wine and loosen up a little bit but in abundance no.

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