Why You Should Decide Not To Buy Twitter Followers

Is it worthwhile buying Twitter followers? This is a question that many individuals especially in business tend to ask whenever Social media strategy discussions come up. Social media plays an instrumental role in advertising business or events. Any smart business appreciates the power of influence and this can maximized through Social media like Twitter. Twitter and other networking platforms are a powerful force that can have tremendous influence on your business as well as provide social proof. Social proof is either positive or negative. Having many followers on twitter is positively considered as having success in business. Few followers signify having not done enough to create awareness of the products and services offered or simply not doing things in the right way.

Why It Is Not Advisable To Buy Twitter Followers
Fame on social media is a slow and gradual process. You have to create some sort of rapport with the followers and this cannot be instant. Finding target followers take time and great strategy. Buying these followers will mean individuals who are not interested in what are trying to do or say. Engaging your customers and the potential customers is critical in attaining a strong sales force. Broadcasting by buying followers is counterproductive. Stella results cannot be achieved by pursuing shortcuts like buying of followers. Great rewards come with time and effort in creating a natural presence on Twitter.

Bought traffic has little or no value in as far as engagement with a particular brand is concerned. In fact, it has negative results in the future when the overall engagement numbers will be low due to artificial followers. Naturally grown followers are the best to have. You can achieve this by actively and positively engaging in twitter chats in your particular area of expertise or specialty.

The bottom line here is quality over quantity. This can be achieved by following people who you are particular interest in like experts in your area of business. Also, follow those who are relevant to your business and you will start to see people following back. Any retweets from these people will be more than endorsements.

When your consumers discover your “fake followers” the repercussions may be too grave to bear for your business. It is disingenuous and worst of all dishonest and no one would want to do business with such a firm or individual.

People may have different reasons to buy twitter followers. It is not worthwhile to buy followers if you are targeting to grow your business. Consider the negative fallout you may encounter from both the customers and potential customers. It may be done for instant fame but not for business or personal image.

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