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Author Bio: Gina Vasselli is a writer living in South Carolina. She writes and works on behalf of several companies including one that sells plantation shutters in Savannah as well as North Carolina and South Carolina. Gina used our weighted decision matrix to help make her mind up about window treatments.

Picking out window treatments for your home is a much more important decision than you might think at first glance. The window treatments you pick out for you home can impact the look and feel of a room almost as much as the paint color or decorating scheme and they can also impact your energy costs.

The first thing you’ll probably think about if you’re replacing them in your home is how they match with the décor of that room. But you might want to look a bit more to the future. If you pick more basic treatments that can lend themselves to any styles that may tickle your fancy down the road you’ll save money in the long run since you won’t have to switch out the treatments.

Also, since the window treatments will be responsible for controlling how much or how little light enters a room, you need to give some thought to how the room will be used. A living room, for example, will need flexibility since you may want it darker during the day to make it easier to watch TV or a movie, but you also might want it brighter if you’re reading. You don’t want to pick out a heavy drape for a room like that since they not the easiest things to adjust but drapes might be perfect for a bedroom if you primarily only sleep in there and don’t often use it as a hang out spot.

Window treatments also provide an extra layer of insulation for your home. If you have problems with maintaining a temperature in a room thanks to leaky window seams or an older heating system choosing a window treatment that’s wood or faux wood rather than cloth would be a good choice. Thicker materials will obviously provide more insulation and can help keep cold air out and heat in.

So if you’re using the weighted decision matrix template to help you decide on window treatments don’t forget to put light, design and energy efficiency as some of your decision making factors. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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