Linda Hewett

Interesting post, Mark.
I believe there’s no such thing as a ‘wrong decision’. If the decision doesn’t feel right after you make it, then change it! Not always possible I know but at least you jumped rather than remained on the fence. It’s not usually all bad and positives can be found if you look hard enough.
I believe in following my gut feeling if I can and that is always on my side.

Martin Cooney

Interesting observation, Linda.
I’m usually a pretty good decision maker since I trust my instincts and follow my heart or gut feeling.

What’s more fascinating though is no matter when or how you decide on an issue, you’ll typically see it as the right one, once it plays out. Justification comes into play.

End of the day though, make the decision and learn from it. I’ve made plenty of not-so-right decisions in my life. Oh well, I learnt from them, moved on and make better ones now.

Weighted Decision

I guess nothing is ever completely black or white as far as decisions are concerned and I love your positive outlook, Linda – very refreshing!


I agree with you about the 20 minute maximum drive between venue and ceremony. It can be a real pain to have to drive far between the two (I’ve done an hour and 45 minutes before!!) In an intense snow storm! If it weren’t my brother I would not have kept going to the reception, that’s for sure.

Weighted Decision

An hour and 45 minutes! Now that is bad, what were they thinking! Hope it was a good reception?

Would I date him?

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Decide who you think should win sports personality of the year here!

[…] This is a great way of helping you decide who should get your vote for sports personality of the year (spoty). Go have a go!  […]

Which flat should I buy?

[…] This site is really helpful in deciding which house you should buy. Check it out!  […]

Sarah Park


I’ve just realized that the facts you’ve all shown are actually true based on my personal experience. It is very true that we get to be more cautious and think of the cons and pros of our decision when we are stressed. We just can’t decide immediately because we are scared that the decision we will make would take us to a more stressful outcome that is why we tend to think not just twice, but so many times.

Weighted Decision

Personally we think Laura Trott should have been nominated. Two gold medals and left out, what a year!

Weighted Decision

So where’s Laura Trott? She was brilliant at the Olympics (2 golds) and won the world cup recently!


For me, it is very important the religion we practice because it also matters how we gain something from our religion. Every religion has different kinds of beliefs that can help them in order to grow up.


I appreciate your style and ease to deal with this issue? A full article on which I will undoubtedly support for my next article. Regards, Roger.

Save My Marriage

Wow, this is totally awesome, and I found it just in time. Fred and I were struggling to figure out what type of wedding venue to choose, and I started searching around the web. I found this tool, and it is just absolutely phenomenal. I don’t know why people don’t know about this thing. It should be a standard tool in any wedding planners arsenal. Our wedding planner was a total buffoon, and couldn’t really help us figure anything out, and here is this automated little tool making it all so simple. Are you pushing this thing on facebook? No matter what you decide to do, thank you so much! You will be in my prayers, as I hope that you get all of the blessings you deserve for creating such a wonderful utility!

wedding of Florida

I always had nightmare of choosing my own wedding venue. Sometime I get scare due to this wedding phobia. but finally I got my wedding venue of my own choice in Ocala. I really loved it and I had good memories there. I had a blissful wedding reception there. We had nice time there and people loved it. All we need is proper planning of it.

Terry Tisdale

looking for the free templates please

Weighted Decision

Hi Terry, all of the templates are on the website. Just hover over “Decision Making Templates” in the menu at the top of the page to see what is available.

Alan Murfee

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I am tired of renting homes and moving every few years. Now I need a home we can call our own even if it is not so big but we can call it ours.

Glen DaVille

you should buy a Ferrari or a Lamborghini!! that would be so awesome and you would look handsomely cool and fantastic! lol


Ferrari and Lamborghini are great rides but not to mention they also have great market price. It was worth it to have one if you have a budget to purchase luxurious cars but if you’re an ordinary citizen, BMW or Audi will be an ideal choice.


Thanks for informing helpful information. To buy a home such information is quite handy indeed. I’m planning to buy a home this year and so pleased to learn helpful lessons that needed to consider before making any home buying deal.

Joshua Tilghman

The only people who truly choose what to believe are the ones who think for themselves and do not worry about what they are taught. This includes atheists. Most religious people have been influenced by their culture, parents, and friends. We usually believe what those around us do.

drivers ed schools

It depends on your budget. If you have enough money to buy those expensive cars then go for it. But I do prefer those simple car, not so expensive and comfortable to drive. After all, it is still your decision. Thanks!


My consideration you should go for Marcedez Benz or Lexus. These brands sporty or racing types cars are really good looking and reasonable less price than Ferrari and Lamborghini. Thanks.


Nice article very helpful in choosing a Fire Extinguisher. Using the wrong extinguisher to fight a fire can have serious results. For example, if a water based extinguisher is used on a flammable liquid fire , the fire may flare up, spread, and cause personal injury to the user and others. If a water-based extinguisher is used to fight a fire in or near electrical equipment , the user could suffer an electric shock.


Very useful – to most people a fire extinguisher is a fire extinguisher. They need to be educated of the different types so they can therefore make an informed decision on which to use. As Alan says, they are critical but in lots of circumstances, overlooked.

Mark McNeil

I myself can relate and would be just as torn. But definitely consider budget and practicality of usage. I’d get the lambo, though.

Geary Heath

Hey, I have seen the rubric above and I guess it would be a helpful tool in choosing the best car to buy. I usually use checklist whenever I am having a hard time deciding about one thing.

Grady Bass

That’s a really interesting experiment and one with a result I would not have expected. I would have expected the group with more boxes to have a better result, but I guess I was wrong. What I do agree with is your overall moral of the story, unless it a sure thing, don’t gamble!

Eric Szvoboda

The differences between fire extinguishers can really determine if you will be able to get a fire out or not. Chemical fires are especially difficult to control. My friend who is a firefighter in Arizona, was trying to get a fire out at a laboratory and it took his team over 15 hours… thanks for posting some good information about using the right one in the right situation.

Suzanne Aitken

I am very interested in knowing who originally developed the concept of the decision matrix and shared it with the world – can you help?

Weighted Decision

Hi Suzanne, that would be Stuart Pugh who wrote the landmark book ‘Total Design: Integrated Methods for Successful Product Engineering’ which was published in 1990


I think with the price of fuel in Sussex, UK My main thing i’m looking for in a car is fuel economy.

Daniel Bryant

Fuel economy combined with the group insurance would be at the top of the list for me. But if you are a young single guy with a bit of cash on the hip, ignore the above and go for the opposite.

car servicing

Go for the Lambo 😛 But seriously nowadays you have to think of budget and running costs, especially fuel


Very useful information, thanks for sharing. It is important to know the various types of fire extinguishers as each have a different role when putting out a fire.

Which wedding venue should I choose?

[…] Good luck with choosing your wedding reception and we hope the venue is all you want it to be. You may like to read our blog post on choosing a wedding venue here but if not just start playing with the wedding venue decision matrix below.  […]

Tophel K

Everyone will have different preferences when it comes to wedding venues but most people prefer an affordable venue with good ambiance and food. So first thing to be considered is the cost, then the venue and lastly the food.

Ally Thomson

Today, every person want a well furnished apartment or a flat. A house of its own, with all the necessary facilities in it. It’s pretty obviously that a well furnished flat or apartment automatically means higher rent. But after reading your post, I am totally convinced that having your own house is much better option then living in hotels or rental apartments.


Regardless of whether you choose a DJ or a live band, you will only want to consider those entertainers who can supply you with an audition tape, and with up to date references from previous clients. They should also be able to tell you what styles of music they can, and can not supply, so you will have all the information needed to make your decision. If the entertainer you are considering can’t meet these requirements, strike them off of your list of hopefuls.

Bat MitzvahDanceDJTeaneckNJ

Booking entertainment for a wedding reception is typically out of the comfort zone of most couples. But by allowing some time for research and auditions, and by relying on the expertise of your event planner and venue staff, you can make the decision much easier, and ensure that your guests have a delightful and memorable evening.


The table is good one. But I really cant understand this. If you post some video with this or the process step by step it would be more easy to know.

Weighted Decision

You can see the video on the home page in the right hand column although you’re right, maybe it should have a page of its own?


I suggest you go for an entry level SUV/cross over . Its cost effective , fun to drive , easy to maintain and safer .


Choosing a wedding venue is important and my advice is always to choose a style before anything else. I think a unique wedding is the best which is why I recommend venues that are usually a little different and why I provide a unique form of entertainment for the reception. It’s also important to think about space too. A venue that is too large or too small could really make your day uncomfortable.


If you’re getting wed in the summer why not go for a beach wedding? Having your wedding on the beach is the ultimate dream-come-true for so many couples. As you imagine it and then bring it to life, remember that this is the most important day of your life…on a beach. You want to be sure that it has your signature, along with multiple ways that you can claim the day as your own. Go upscale yet easy breezy.

Danisa Flowers

This is awesome! This matrix is really useful. I’m going to print it out and share it with my friends who’re about to get wed. Personally, I prefer outdoor weddings especially beach weddings. I just think it’s more romantic and unique.


drinking really isn’t all that good for decision-making unless you have a small glass of wine and loosen up a little bit but in abundance no.


The human decision-making process can be incredibly complex especially if you have a set of morals establish yourself.


stay focused, that’s one of the best piece of information offered in this article always stay focused that’ll help you to make the right decision.


indecisive people tend to make the wrong decision every time. You must always know which way is the right way to go.


I’ll right away take hold of your rss as I can’t in finding your email subscription hyperlink or newsletter service. Do you have any? Please let me recognize so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

Weighted Decision

It’s over on the right hand side underneath the video, Klaudia


whatever decision you end up making just remember is that the diet is your will to continue the diet.


What an awesome little tool! How did you make this was it done by using a table? Just curious that;s all 🙂

Weighted Decision

Thanks Jackson. Would you use it to choose a date?


the decision-making process is a very difficult one but remember, one decision can change your life and someone else’s.


I don’t see why not! lol.. It’s a fun way to assess a date. And that’s what dating is all about right..


A lot of the newer diets have several things in common. It has been proven many times over that grains cause autoimmune problems in many people. We all know that prepackaged foods and additives are the cause of many diseases and conditions. So, if you like just do that. Avoid grains, and avoid packaged foods and additives. You can name the diet what you like and you will both lose weight and feel better.

Kate Simson

Every bride is in confusion and tensed about her wedding gown for the wedding. Every bride wants to look beautiful than any other in the world.Thank you carlo for sharing these tips for the brides to drop down their confusion and stress..


the more stressed and depressed you are the less likely you are to make the proper decision in any given situation.


There are so many politics involved in decision-making process I never really get too excited.

Intents Events

This is a pretty cool spreadsheet for those looking to organise their own wedding. We often have people who come looking for marquees to hire who walk about with sheets and sheets of paper but can’t decide on what they want till the last moment. There should be an app for this!

Shane Brown

Nice post! It’s little bit tough task to find perfect wedding venue in Brisbane. Finally I got my wedding venue of my own choice in Brisbane. I really loved it and I had good memories here. I had a blissful wedding reception here.

Goerge Belly

My vote goes to BMW . This brand provide a wide range of luxury cars and it’s range is also not so high in pricing so it became easy to buy . It is an appropriate combination of luxury and comfort .


Nice little tool. It took me a while to figure out how it works, but it’s interesting 🙂

anne sun

Finding that perfect dress for a one-in-a-lifetime event is an exhausting experience. Your 5 step provides a structured approach to the matter, but the human factor of a woman will always tend to make endless decisions until the right dress is found.

Donald Quixote

Don’t forget about the trouble of moving all of your stuff to said new house, and not to mention having all of your stuff organized, which is something that young couples struggle with these days.

Donald Quixote

I do suffer from back pain, and I’ve finally got a mattress that doesn’t kill me…although sometimes I wake up with pain in my neck…so that’s not fun.

boxers diet

Fortunately for me, boxing was my catalyst to seeking healthy food. I was born with fast metabolism and stayed skinny my whole life. It wasn’t until I tried boxing that I saw the difference between looking in-shape and being in-shape. You must eat well to perform well and it was then that I realized the true value of good nutrition. If it wasn’t for boxing, I might have eaten junk food for the rest of my life.

Iisa M

What a waste of money. Why not buy a 20 year old V12 Jaguar for £1000, stick a bigger turbo on it, and maybe add a 200bhp nitrous oxide system? Ok, it still won’t be as fast, but it’ll be as fun to drive. Probably.


Aside from the location, I check the material used in the house. Just to know how strong is the construction of that house. Also, the security of the area.

Michelle Driggers

I love this tool! My ex-husband, who was in the US Army, had shown me this decision making matrix 20 years ago. We were trying to decide his next career move…to stay in the Army or get a job in the civilian world. The weight factor makes all the difference in how the matrix works and removes the personal bias from the process. I strongly recommend this tool when faced with a big decision.

Weighted Decision

Thanks Michelle, you are obviously a very astute person!

Sam W.

I wasn’t raised with any religion, but I found that atheism is the most logical perspective since it requires proof before claims can be made.


hello! Thank you for this example. It’s helpful. I have one question though, How did you come up with the figures in the city box e.g. 79, 68, 69 etc. Thanks again!

Weighted Decision

Have a read of this page all about how the decision matrix works to answer your question, Benon


It’s coooool I like it . I think it’s good idea


Great tool for empowering the decision process, finally the battle where to go for holidays will be over.

Prof. Simon Wymstanly

Best explanation of a weighted decision matrix I have come across. Thanks for putting in the effort with your site and providing the downloads. Well worth the investment. You can’t make enough effort in the decision making process.

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