When to use a weighted decision matrix

When to use a weighted decision matrix

Some decisions are easy, some are much more difficult because of the number of factors involved in them.  Do I eat an apple or an orange is a simple question to answer and we’re guessing not many people would need a weighted decision matrix for that one but what if you’re deciding something much more complex?  For example, you need to pick a school for your child to attend or you need to decide which villa to rent on this years holiday?  Suddenly there are many more factors to consider and the weighted decision matrix comes into play.  Take the choice of school, things to consider would include the standard of teaching; the distance from home; are little Jimmy’s friends also going there; the sporting facilities; after school care etc etc.  The weighted decision matrix allows you to weight each of those factors by importance so that you can make a decision based on what are actually the most important factors.  Giving each factor a value strips out some of the emotion involved when taking a decision because you are being honest with yourself about what really matters.  Jimmy will be able to make new friends so that factor from a practical point of view is less important than the distance from home the school is.  In this way your decision becomes an objective rather than a subjective one.  Now you can go and download one of our matrices and make a decision!

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