Deciding Your Child’s Fate: The Importance of Choosing the Right Baby Name

Childs Fate

Is there anything more important than choosing your babies name? If you have any doubts between the names on your shortlist, use a weighted decision matrix!

Throughout the next nine months, you and your partner are going to throw dozens of baby names around as you try to find the one that sounds just right for your little bundle of joy. While the baby naming process can be exciting, it is also a big responsibility. This is the name your child is going to have for the rest of her life — this means you have to consider not only her school-aged years but also her adulthood and professional lives. Find a name that suits your style, while also providing your child with endless opportunities in life.

Don’t Rush Into It

If you’ve just taken a home pregnancy test and discovered a positive result, that doesn’t mean you have to decide on your babies name within the next week. Mull over the different name options and spend time discussing them with your partner. This is a big choice and your child will have to carry this name with her the rest of her life. Make a list of several names, and narrow it down together. Consider waiting until your baby is born to make the final decision. When you see her little face, you might instantly know which name is the perfect one for her.
Avoid The Trends
Expectant parents face the challenge of finding a name for their child that accurately conveys their wants, hopes and dreams. They want their child’s name to stand out in a crowd, but they don’t want it to be too odd or different. Avoiding the trends can help you decide on a name that will suit your child not only throughout school but also in her career. Current trends include surnames as first names, vintage names and city names. When trying to pick a name, think about if you personally would want to sign that name for the rest of your life. It will help give you some perspective in this important decision.

Consider the Social Implications
The name you choose for your sweet, angel-faced baby is one day going to be inscribed on a business card. Make sure your baby’s name cultivates respect and allows potential friends, partners and employers to take her seriously. Giving her the name Rainbow will could exclude her from being chosen as a top executive, trustworthy doctor or serious lawyer. The Social Security Administration lists Sophia, Emma, Ava and Olivia as some of the most popular girl names, so it might be best to avoid these choices to ensure that her resume doesn’t get lost in a sea of other similarly-named women.

Spell It Correctly
In theory, it seems like a good idea to give your child’s name a less-than-usual spelling. It will help them stand out and may even give your child a sense of individualism and pride. However, a unique spelling can confuse teachers, classmates and future employers along the way. Don’t doom your child to a life of saying “My name is Aeryn, pronounced like Erin but spelled A-e-r-y-n.” Instead, find a name you love that sets your child apart and spell it the proper and common way. It will make life easier for you and your daughter.

How did you decide on your child’s name? Tell us in the comments.

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