How meditation helps you to take better decisions

Preparation for decision making should include getting into the right mindset. We hope this guest blog will help you before you start your weighted decision matrix.

It has emerged that meditation is the best thing to do before making an important decision. According to several independent research papers, meditation helps you to make better decisions. Investigators found out that in fact, people who take some time to meditate regularly are more likely to make rational and unbiased decisions when faced with a critical decision-making situation.

Sunk cost bias
Experts have described the sunk cost bias scenario in psychological terms, as the situation where one is unwittingly influenced by past experiences that shouldn’t have a bearing on the present. According to experts, past experiences, coupled with the awareness of future outcomes, contribute immensely to the manner in which present decisions are made. This is true even when the past experiences are not necessarily related to the present situation. For example, if you have just broken up with your spouse, or lost a loved one, you might not be able to make a rational decision at your workplace, even though it is a totally different scenario.
Actually the irony is that we don’t want to admit when it is our fault that things have gone wrong in the past, yet it is this awareness, and the fear that things might go wrong again, that clouds our judgment of present issues.

Focus on the present
Meditating for a few minutes will help you to be clear of such thoughts when making a decision. What happens is that the mind shifts to a complete focus on the present, where past events and future expectations have no influence. This way, one is able to think straight and make a practical decision on the issue at hand. Earlier researches have concluded that meditation changes the physical state of the brain. By releasing the accumulated stress, the brain is left more sharp and fresh, and in a better state to function properly. Actually, meditation helps the mind to drop some the tendencies it might have acquired due to interactions with other people and situations.

Regular meditation
It is especially easy if one meditates regularly, and not just in such a situation. If you meditate on a regular basis, then it means that your brain is frequently refreshed. Therefore, even just a short session of mindfulness will keep you alert. Furthermore, sometimes one is in a situation where they can’t have time to meditate before making a decision. In such a situation, you are more likely to make a great decision if you have been meditating regularly.

Furthermore, it has been found that meditation induces a new dimension of perceptiveness and intuition in the mind, making it easy for one not only to be intelligent and intuitive in their decisions, but to be creative too. This means that one can come up with refreshing new ways of handling situations.
This study has brought even more attention to the importance of meditation for EHIC users and for the general public. And there are limitless benefits of just a few minutes of deep mindfulness. If you have not been meditating, then this is one more reason why you need to start.

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Olivia Richards is a Passionate blogger. She works on behalf of Ehic. She has been writing contents on the web professionally since 2006. As an avid reader and blogger she shares her experience through articles on Health, Education, Parenting and many more.

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