How to improve the Weighted Decision Matrix?

To Improve Weighted Decision Matrix

We received an interesting question recently about how to use different range values in a weighted decision matrix and would welcome our readers thoughts in the comments below. Here’s the question (thank you Sam)…

The problem is that I want to be able to use different value ranges for each factor, but I am not exactly sure how to do that. I know of two possible solutions to this problem. One possible solution is to divide each score by the largest number in its value range (and then do the usual stuff–multiply the score by the weighting, add up the scores, etc.). Another possible solution is to add up each score in a factor and then divide each score by that sum (this is shown in the previous email’s video).

What I want to know is if you can help me find the best solution to this problem. Is the first possible solution correct? Or is it the second one? Neither? Both?

What do you think? Tell us in the comments below…

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