Should I date him (or her)?

date him

Who should I date? Maybe you’re one of the beautiful people who gets to pretty much decide who they should date or maybe you’re not! Whoever you are, we all get to enjoy/hate dating at one time or another. Sometimes it can be fun fantasizing about who to date with mates and this is where our dating weighted decision matrix comes in.

Line up the contenders be they classmates, people at work or down the pub or even celebrities and get marking them! Who is the hottest? Who’s got the best personality? Do they actually take an interest in you, what you like, have interesting hobbies and ways of going about things? Do they like you already because let’s face it that’s going to help with the chemistry and whether or not it lasts your date should be a good one with a few laughs at the very least. Maybe you’re sensitive like us? That’s why we decided to mark potential dates on their kindness but not everyone needs that so we also added a, “Do they have a car/are they rich” type of question! If you’re shallow that might be the one for you!

Should I date him decision matrix

Have a bit of fun using a weighted decision matrix template and if you do go out with someone from your list, enjoy it and make sure you tell someone where you’re going.

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