Top 5 Tips To Improve Your Decision Making

Improve Decision Making

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Today there is so much competition around us. Moreover, if you are slow in making decisions then it is possible that you can miss many opportunities in life. Taking fast decisions is not just for those who are in business or leadership, it is important for everybody.

Here are the 5 effective tips which will help you in becoming a quick decision maker.

1. Give Yourself Permission
Every time you will make a decision you will see that a result or outcome will follow it. The results can be expected or unexpected ones and after which you will think it was either wrong or right. Therefore, the first tip is to say it’s okay to make mistakes! When you make mistakes, you will learn more. Don’t forget that success and failure, profit and loss are part and parcel of life. You don’t have to fear from your mistakes but try to learn from it.

2. Focus on the Bull’s Eye
When it comes to taking a discussion, we are surrounded by the details. One thought follows another and the train goes on and on. In this situation, we forget that we have to take a decision. To avoid this you should always make your focus stay on the big picture. Ask yourself questions but don’t get lost. What is important about this decision? Ask yourself how it is going to help you in getting to your goals and objectives.

3. Gather Information
Many people take decisions from an informed position and place. To achieve this they must analyse as much information from as many different places as they can to help them reach a decision. Each time you have to take a decision, weigh up all this information using a decision matrix and you will be making a knowledgeable decision.

4. Recognition
This is one of the most common problems which the majority of the people face in life when it comes to making decisions. They think that decisions are or will not be liked by others. That their decisions will make them unhappy or their decisions will be unpopular. Nevertheless, to become an effective decision maker you will have to feel positive about your own decisions. Always think that others will support it. If not possible, try to be neutral as there will always be people who disagree with your decision just as there will be people who will support you. That’s life!

5. Stay Focused
Focus on the results and measure them to improve your decision making the next time around. To improve your decision-making you have to focus on the results.

These are the five tips, which will help you to enhance your skills in making decisions.

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Claudia a freelance writer has contributed to many articles and blogs. Her readers appreciate her views, which are on IT Job Placement Tips

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