What diet should I decide to go on?


No carbs? Low fat? Soup only? Paleo diet? Atkins diet? Use our decision making matrix template to decide. The list of diets to choose from is seemingly endless so how to choose what diet I should decide to go on is a tough question for anyone who wants to lose a few pounds.

Now we’re not diet experts by any stretch but we can at least give you the low down on some of the factors to consider when making your choice but please, if you are really unsure which diet is best for you then go talk to a doctor or dietician.

We would advise you check out the safety record of the diet you are considering. Don’t just take the information from a website and trust it, ask your doctor, consult several sources and talk to real people about their experiences. If you have bowel problems make sure you understand the risk of changing your fibre intake for example.

Quick results Vs. long term success? Are the two incompatible and does it matter anyway? If you are looking to lose a few pounds for the beach season then one diet may suit you better than one designed to lose a little over a long period of time. The South Beach diet for example discovered that a diet which is very low in fat content is not effective long term. Food for thought!

Anybody we’ve ever met who has been on a diet have only ever had success if the diet has appealed to them in the first place. What do we mean by that? Well, some people can cut out biscuits and crisps and not really miss them, other people want to have them available as a treat every so often and still some people will gorge on them if they get even the slightest whiff of their favourite! Depending on which type of person you are should affect which diet you choose. You’ve got to be realistic after all.

Which diet should I choose

Finally, is the diet you are considering endorsed? No, we don’t mean by some soap opera star with little or no dietary training but by a medical doctor. Medical science advances all the time so don’t think you know it all, we certainly don’t either so do yourself a favour before you put yourself through unnecessary hell, check out the diet with your doctor before you decide which diet to go on. Go and weigh up your decision using our matrix and feel free to leave a comment below.

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