Which games console should I buy for Christmas?

Games Console

This post is a little dated now but the same principal still applies, a weighted decision matrix will definitely help you to decide which console to buy.

Xbox? Playstation 3? Wii U? PC? Tablet? Smart Phone? PSP?, DSi?, DSi 3D?!?? Ahhh, which games console should I buy for Christmas? If like me you don’t know your nunchucks from your Mario’s choosing which games console to buy can be a nightmare of a process. So why not use a weighted decision matrix template?

All of the different games consoles have their pros and cons but when it comes down to it, they are all pretty good. Much better than the ZX Spectrum I grew up with anyway! Understanding which one to get is more about what you want to use it for rather than which one is best as that is a debate you can join in below in the comments. Like I said they are all good!

So what differentiates them and why should you care? The biggest difference in the consoles I listed is whether or not they are handheld or you plug them into the TV (or a monitor in the PC’s case). You also have to consider the cost of course plus the suitability of the games for those who are going to be playing them. The Wii for example caters for younger gamers. Do you also want your console to be able to connect to the internet or play Blu Ray’s? Are you happy to play games on a tablet or phone?

which games console should I buy

Do you care about high definition graphics or is the gameplay more important? Bundle the factors up into a decision matrix and this should help you to be able to make your decision. Let us know what you decided in the comments.

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