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What is a weighted decision matrix?

The Weighted Decision Matrix is a very simple tool designed to help anybody make a decision (e.g. where shall I go on holiday?) by breaking it down into the multiple factors that must be considered (e.g. France, Spain, USA).  Those factors are then weighted in order of importance so that the most important factor has the most bearing on the result obtained.  The potential options (e.g. Cost, Weather, Things to do) are all scored against the factors being considered, the tool then calculates a score taking into account the weightings and a decision is reached which will rank the options in order of importance.  This example is worked through below and the scores represent our opinion and not fact!  The weighted decision matrix was invented by Stuart Pugh.



Suzanne Aitken

I am very interested in knowing who originally developed the concept of the decision matrix and shared it with the world – can you help?

Weighted Decision

Hi Suzanne, that would be Stuart Pugh who wrote the landmark book ‘Total Design: Integrated Methods for Successful Product Engineering’ which was published in 1990

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