Oscars 2013: What will win Best Picture?


The 2013 oscar nominations were announced yesterday and got us thinking about which film would win Best Picture and why. In a category notorious for snubbing blockbusters few were suprised that in Bond’s 50th year Skyfall didn’t make the list despite many predictions to the contrary.

Before going any further *big pause*… and the nominations for Best Picture are:

Beast of the Southern Wild
Zero Dark Thirty
Life of Pi
Les Miserables
Silver Linings Playbook
Django Unchained

That’s quite a list even to get down to a shortlist of 5! The stand out player has to be Lincoln with 11 nominations in total and with it only just released this momentum could carry the day. Life of Pi probably won’t win but is possibly the most important film of the year with it’s breakthrough use of 3D which was truly awe inspiring. Zero Dark Thirty could win for political reasons (one in the eye for terrorists everywhere) and Les Miserable would probably get the popular vote if it were down to the public.

More interesting from our point of view are the factors involved in making up the voters minds. What does really count when it comes down to casting their vote. We’re going to stay whiter than white here and not even suggest bribery! Here are are thoughts:

The Critics choice: Maybe the critics point the way, certainly their views can’t be ignored so we had a look at Metacritic to influence our decision matrix.

The Bookies Choice: The bookies often get these sorts of things right so see the latest odds right here.

My choice: Well we don’t always agree with the critics and lose money to the bookies so heck, here’s our view!

Groundbreaking: A film that brings something new to the table, something original that grabs our imagination can do well so I’ve reflected that here with Life of Pi doing very well.

Sentimental: Well some films/directors/actors never seem to win and this is sometimes put right in the best film catergory even when it’s not the best film. Confused! Well Lord of the Rings didn’t win until the third film when it would have picked up a few sympathy votes. Even Gandhi won Best Costumes and all he had on was a sheet!

Feel free to change the numbers and films below and tell us your prediction in the comments.